Germany Digital Administration Package

Germany's Federal Government has approved a digital administration package amending the Online Access Act. The legislation introduces BundID, a central citizen account enabling secure online interactions and saving businesses around €60 million annually.

Germany Digital Administration
DE Data Protection and Digital Identity

Germany Federal Government has approved the digital administration package

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The German Federal Government is making significant progress in data protection and digital identity by approving the digital administration package, which amends the Online Access Act. This new legislation will benefit ordinary citizens, businesses, and the government by creating a central citizen account called BundID. This account will enable individuals to securely identify themselves, submit applications online, and communicate with authorities via a digital postbox. Online ID card functions will also simplify applications for benefits, and data protection responsibilities for nationwide services will be clearly defined. Furthermore, businesses will be able to submit all applications through a single account, saving the economy around €60 million per year. This milestone in Germany's path to a digital state will improve user-friendliness, accessibility, and efficiency in government services.

Data Protection and Digital Identity in Germany

This new legislation in Germany will have several implications for the future of data protection and digital identity. Firstly, by creating a central citizen account (BundID), individuals will have a secure way to identify themselves and interact with government services online. This will reduce the need for physical documents and manual signatures, streamlining administrative processes and making it easier for citizens to access government services. Furthermore, the digital postbox feature will allow secure communication between individuals and authorities, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with data protection requirements.

For businesses, the ability to submit all applications through a single account will simplify administrative procedures and save time and resources. This digitization of business services is expected to save the economy around €60 million per year, boosting growth and productivity.

The legislation will also improve data protection by clearly outlining responsibilities for agencies developing nationwide services. This will eliminate ambiguities and ensure that all parties are aware of their obligations to protect citizens' data.

The move towards a digital state in Germany will not only benefit citizens and businesses but also the government itself. The digitization of services will help to mitigate the shortage of skilled workers and reduce employee workloads, allowing government employees to focus on more critical tasks.

Overall, the new legislation marks a significant step forward in Germany's journey towards a digital state, with potential implications for other countries looking to improve their data protection and digital identity systems.

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