MiFID II Regulation: ESMA Update

ESMA releases a user-friendly manual on post-trade transparency, aiding market participants and authorities in implementing MiFID II obligations. It clarifies instruments, reporting, and publication requirements, distinguishing post-trade transparency from calculations.

MiFID II Regulation: ESMA Update
EU Enhanced Post trade Transparency in EU Financial Markets

MiFID II Regulation: ESMA on Post trade Transparency

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The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the European Union's (EU) regulatory body for financial markets, has released a comprehensive manual on post trade transparency. This guide is designed to be a user-friendly tool assisting market participants and national competent authorities in applying the MiFIR obligations consistently. The manual offers clarity regarding the wide range of instruments under MiFIR and the system's complexity. It details which instruments and transactions fall under post trade transparency, who needs to report and publish this information, and when and what information needs to be made public. The manual also outlines the commonalities and differences between the posttrade transparency regime and transparency calculations. This manual is part of a broader package including the Final Report on public consultation on additional Level 3 guidance, an updated version of the CFI code – MiFIR identifier mapping, and a new excel file clarifying the classification of bonds issued by public bodies. The updated Q&A on MiFID II and MiFIR transparency topics will be published in October 2023. The manual will regularly be updated to incorporate new guidelines or legal and legislative changes.

MiFID II: Navigating Compliance with ESMA's Post trade Transparency Manual

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial regulation, ESMA's recently published manual on posttrade transparency under MiFID II offers a comprehensive guide for financial institutions in the EU. Serving as a critical resource for investment banks, stock exchanges, brokers, dealers, and asset management firms, the manual provides much-needed clarity on the intricacies of the Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFIR), an integral component of MiFID II.

For institutions aiming to stay abreast of these developments, this manual is invaluable. It covers key obligations under MiFIR like pre-trade and post-trade transparency (Articles 3 and 6) and navigates through the complexities of the transaction of several securities and non-equity instruments (Articles 10 and 21). By doing so, it brings heightened coherence to the application of MiFID II regulations across the EU's financial markets.

An effective grasp and application of MiFID II regulations, as outlined in the manual, can result in better compliance, reduced risk of penalties, and increased investor confidence. These benefits translate into a stronger, more harmonised EU financial market which aligns with the overall aim of the regulation.

However, institutions need to approach this valuable resource with a proactive mindset. To capitalise on the manual, immediate actions like comprehensive review of the manual, necessary system updates in line with the guidelines, regular staff training, and proactive communication with regulators are recommended.

Notably, the manual comes with a promise of ongoing updates to keep pace with the dynamic nature of MiFID II and broader financial regulatory changes. Therefore, institutions are advised to have their systems and processes well-aligned by October 2023, when the updated Q&A on MiFID II and MiFIR transparency topics is due to be published.

Ultimately, the success of ESMA's manual as a tool for understanding and complying with these financial regulations will depend on its effective utilization by market participants. By taking the insights from this manual on board, financial institutions can stay at the forefront of MiFID II compliance, enhancing the transparency and integrity of the EU's financial markets.

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