Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products Regulation

The European Commission's revamp of PRIIPVO under its retail investment strategy is set to reshape the financial landscape. Highlighting a digital shift with electronic BIBs aligned with MiFID II, the proposal also paves the way for diversified investment via MakeWhole clause bonds.

Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products Regulation
EU Regulatory changes in the finance sector

European Commission's Proposal to Amend PRIS Investment Products Regulation as Part of Retail Investment Strategy

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The European Commission released a proposal to amend the PRIIPVO (Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products Regulation) on May 24, 2023, as part of its retail investment strategy. This project has been well embraced by the German banking sector (Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft, or DK), which seeks to improve basic information sheets (BIBs) to better assist small investors in making investment decisions. A number of improvements are included in the Commission's draft regulation, including the prioritization of electronic BIB provisioning in line with MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II) and the exclusion of bonds with MakeWhole clauses from the PRIIPVO's application. Nonetheless, the DK thinks that more changes can be proposed to bolster investor trust in capital markets and encourage small-scale investment.

EU Commission's Vision for Retail Investors: PRIIPVO and MiFID II

The dynamic shifts in the global financial industry have forced regulatory organizations to review their standards and put more flexible frameworks in place in recent years. As part of its ambitious retail investment plan, the European Commission has proposed an innovative amendment to the PRIIPVO (Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products Regulation).

Relevance Across the Financial SpectrumThis proposal holds paramount significance for:

  • Banks: Setting the pace for modern banking trends and approaches.

  • Insurance Providers: Offering diversified investment products that align with contemporary regulatory standards.

  • Retail Investment Product Providers: Aiming to bring in more investors with transparent offerings.

The growing emphasis on investor protection and financial market flexibility is highlighted by the perspective of Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft, or DK, particularly in countries like the European Union and Germany.

The proposal's emphasis on the electronic delivery of Basic Information Sheets (BIBs), which are intended to reflect the concepts of MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II), is one of its most notable features. Small investor engagement in the financial markets is expected to increase as a result of this strategy's increased efficiency, accessibility, and transparency, which will pave the way for more inclusive capital market activity.

The Commission's intention to exclude bonds with MakeWhole clauses from the PRIIPVO's applicable scope suggests that ordinary investors may have more options for their investments. This is a risky step that should foster a more diverse and prosperous investment environment.

Despite the proposal's remarkable nature, its current lack of specifics has drawn criticism. The need for specific legislative measures has been expressed by the financial community, which includes both large industry players and individual investors. This puts the onus back on the Commission to further develop and elaborate on its initial draft.

Staying Ahead: Compliance in a Dynamic Environment

Financial institutions must be proactive:

  • Conducting thorough reviews of BIBs.

  • Upgrading electronic delivery systems in harmony with MiFID II.

  • Periodically vetting product offerings, ensuring alignment with the shifting regulatory landscape.

Despite its ambition, the European Commission's plan reflects the changing demands of the financial system. Regulators have a responsibility to offer a clear and advantageous roadmap that will benefit retail investors as well as the larger market, while institutions adjust their tactics and prepare for this upcoming change.

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Die Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft
Die Europäische Kommission hat am 24.05.2023 im Rahmen ihrer Kleinanlegerstrategie unter anderem einen Entwurf zur Anpassung der PRIIP-VO veröffentlicht. Die Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft (DK) begrüßt das Vorhaben der Kommission, im Rahmen der Kleinanlegerstrategie auch die PRIIP-VO zu überarbeiten.

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