FRC Corporate Reporting Requirements

FRC hosts webinars on UK Corporate Governance Code review and new reporting requirements. Topics include internal control, sustainability reporting, and SI details like Resilience Statement. Stakeholder engagement emphasized with roundtables in September.

FRC Corporate Reporting Requirements
UK Enhancement of Corporate Governance and Reporting Standards

FRC Enhances Internal Control and Corporate Reporting Standards

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The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) is set to host two highly anticipated webinars this week, shedding light on their ongoing consultation on the UK Corporate Governance Code and introducing new corporate reporting requirements. These webinars, aimed at a broad spectrum of stakeholders, are part of FRC's commitment to promote high-quality corporate reporting and governance in the UK. The first webinar will provide updates on the Corporate Governance Code review, discussing popular topics like internal control, overboarding, reporting outcomes, and sustainability reporting. This initiative by FRC is designed to encourage stakeholder participation and ensure the consultation process is informed and comprehensive. The second webinar will unpack the government's recently published Statutory Instrument (SI) on corporate reporting. FRC's team will detail key elements of the SI, including the Resilience Statement, Audit and Assurance Policy, Material Fraud Statement, Distributions Policy Statement, and Distributable profits disclosure requirements. In pursuit of stakeholder engagement, FRC will also host four roundtables throughout September to deliberate on these new reporting requirements.

UK Financial Sector: FRC's Regulatory Overhaul and Its Impact on Corporate Governance and Reporting

As a regulatory body in the United Kingdom, the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) is on the cusp of transforming corporate governance and reporting standards in the country. This major shift, significantly impacting banks, insurance companies, pension funds, investment firms, and listed companies, follows the Council's decision to host webinars that could potentially redefine the UK Corporate Governance Code and Statutory Instrument on corporate reporting.

This imminent change places an increased demand on organisations to ramp up their compliance efforts, focusing on upgraded internal control systems, and enhanced reporting processes. Notably, the spotlight will be on the review of overboarding regulations - a move aimed at bolstering executive performance and contributions by limiting the number of board positions held simultaneously.

The FRC's strong focus on sustainability reporting also indicates a fundamental shift towards transparent and socially responsible corporate practices. New corporate reporting requirements such as the Resilience Statement, Audit and Assurance Policy, and Material Fraud Statement are all part of the Council's strategy to foster transparency and accountability in financial reporting. These measures, in turn, will facilitate stakeholders in assessing a company's financial health and resilience more accurately.

One of the standout features of this regulatory overhaul is the introduction of the Distributions Policy Statement and Distributable profits disclosure requirements. By offering clear guidance on profit distribution, these initiatives will help stakeholders make more informed investment decisions, marking a significant step towards financial clarity and transparency.

Financial institutions need to act swiftly to remain compliant. Proactive monitoring of FRC's actions, regular internal reviews, active stakeholder engagement, and a robust response plan will be key to ensuring seamless compliance. The next few weeks, featuring FRC's webinars and consultation process, are critical for organisations to align themselves with the forthcoming regulatory landscape.

In essence, the FRC's initiatives are set to elevate the standards of corporate governance and reporting in the UK. Financial institutions need to stay alert, agile, and prepared to navigate this changing regulatory environment successfully. As a beacon of continuous improvement, the FRC is undoubtedly setting a higher standard for business excellence in the UK.

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